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JOIN in 2023 THE SIPE-AT !

Ladies and Gentlemen,

SIPE-AT is the largest International Society of Psychopathology of Expression and Art Therapy. It brings together all the currents of art therapy, organizes international meetings and is at the origin of many publications.

Joining SIPE makes you an essential player in Art Therapy. This allows you to access international news in this field, ensures you discounts at congresses where SIPE is either organizer or partner and gives you the opportunity to receive congress publications preferentially.

Also, to join us or renew your membership, we send you attached the call form for the year 2023.

Membership amount 2023 : Active contributor 30$ ; 1st Membership or Student, Retired, unenployed : 15$

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Kind regards

Véronique BONNEFOI, SIPE-AT Treasurer

Hôpital Purpan, Service Universitaire de Psychiatrie et de Psychologie Médicale

(Prof. L. Schmitt) TSA 70034, 330 avenue de Grande Bretagne 31059 Toulouse Cedex 9, France

Mél :

Honorary President: Dr Guy Roux (France) –President : Pr Laurent Schmitt (France)

Vice presidents: Dr R.L. de Carvalho (Portugal), Dr V. Gavrilov (Russie), Pr Z. Vass (Hongrie), Pr M.P. Heuser (Allemagne), Pr J.S. Kim (Corée), Dr Xenia Lucas (Etats-Unis), Pr M. Marinovic (Chili), Dr Pr H. Pérez-Rincón (Mexique), Mme L. Polychroniadou (Grèce), Dr M. Tyszkiewicz (Pologne), Pr D. Waller (Angleterre), Pr Y. Yamanaka (Japon)

Secretary-general : En cours de nomination – Secretary for External Relations : Dr R.L. de Carvalho (Portugal)

Treasurer : Véronique Bonnefoi (France)-

Project managers on specific file : Emmanuelle Césari, Marie-Hélène Sales, Jean-Luc Sudres

Coordinator of Project Managers : Pr Jean-Luc Sudres (France)