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  1. ARTIN-EXCOFFIER L., SCHILTZ L. et SUDRES J.-L. (2022). L’art-thérapie et les adolescents : clinique d’une évidence. Perspectives Psychiatriques, Vol. 61, n°1, Janvier-Mars 2022, p. 84–92.
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Practitioner perspectives on art therapy with couples in relational crisis: a qualitative exploration –

Maria Fjellfeldt & Dalida Rokka

Recent art therapy news in Hungary :

Dr Prof. Mila Aleckovic-Bataille

The mere fact that one of the founders of the International Society for Psychopathology of Expression and Art Therapy is Professor Jean Delay is enough to create worldwide respect for our association even among people who do not know what it is. is the psychopathology of expression or art therapy. In the countries of Slavic origin, and in Serbia in particular, throughout history, doctors often belonged to various artistic societies, most often they sang in a choir or were painters, artists or writers. Especially in the Serbian historical tradition, those who studied medicine were usually also distinguished writers or even poets. One of the greatest poets, for children Jovan Jovanovic – Zmaj was originally a doctor. This is specific to the historical tradition in all countries of Slavic origin, so much so that medicine and healing were often experienced as a gift and an art. The ancient magical power of doctors seems to have remained in the subconscious of people. In the Ukrainian and Russian tradition, the doctor is nowadays called vulch (врач), which literally means the good wizard. This whole historical tradition has created the preconditions for the psychopathology of expression and art therapy today to be experienced as something very positive, noble and desirable.

Current situation

In the space of the former Yugoslavia and in Serbia in particular, the current interest in art therapy is considerable, both in the professional circles of our colleagues and among artists or patients.

After our joint SIPE Congress in Belgrade in 2015, this interest grew even more. Television channels in Belgrade repeatedly broadcast the report on our Congress. Students from various faculties in Belgrade are particularly interested in art therapy and often ask for such an optional course to be introduced in their faculty. On the interior walls of the main psychiatric hospital in Belgrade there are drawings of patients through which their recovery was monitored. The contact with the artists is even better. Whether they are musicians, painters, poet sculptors or theater actors, their passion for immanent psychotherapy through creation is known. In a TV show that I was doing at the time in the name of: Creation and immortality I discussed with famous artists from Serbia the subject of psychopathology and art. This series of programs showed the public the great interest that the artists had for psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

In the end, I would say that I am convinced that the mission of SIPE and of all these brave doctors, psychotherapists, researchers, artists and sympathizers in our humanist family has a future, especially internationally.

As a representative for the region of the former Yugoslavia and particularly for Serbia and straddling France and Serbia, I believe I can find very fertile ground for creation in the service of patients and our sincere desire to heal. the human soul.

Dr Prof.DrSc Mila Aleckovic-Bataille, University Professor Specialist of anthropological psychiatry and neuropsychology, PhD  in Philosophy (University of Sorbonne), Doctor in Medical Psychology

Member of SIPE, International Society of Psychopathology of Expression

Psychotherapist,Pediatric expert  

Henryka Lesniewska, Docteur en psychologie, Neuropsychologue, Art-thérapeute, Auteure

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Mathilde Fragonas and Jean-Luc Sudres have just published online in

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“Art-therapy and Unaccompanied Minors : Indications, treatment and efficacy”

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